Record Wall:

Most Wins Overall: Cascada (s1/s2)&Kandi (s2)-5 Wins
Most Wins In A Season: Kandi (s2)-5 Wins
Most Covergirl Wins: Regaina (s2)-10 Wins
Most Bottom 2's: Caridee (s1)-4
Most Rounds Lasted: Rachel (s1/s2) Yummy/Cascada (s1/s2)-16
  • Winner Cycle 2
  • Winner Cycle 1

Cycle 2: Kandi won the most competitions of the seaso

n winning 5. Regaina won the most covergirls of the competition, winning 10. Veija, Regaina and Glory were

named runner ups, while Kandi was named the winner of cycle 2.

Name: Countries H2T Advo's Ethnic Cover C/C Commercial Facial F/M Nude/Paris Go-Sees(SF) Finals Finals Finals
Kandi 10th-(CG) Win 11th 4th 3rd 3rd Win 5th 3rd 3rd/Win 2nd 2nd Win Winner
Glory 7th 12th 4th Win Win Win-(CG) 4th 4th 4th 4th/2nd 3rd 3rd Tie-(CG) Runner-Up
Regaina 6th 9th-(CG) Win-(CG) 10th-(CG) 9th 4th 3rd-(CG) 3rd-(CG) 2nd-(CG) Win/5th-(CG) Win-(CG) Win-(CG) Tie Runner-Up
Veija 4th 5th 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 2nd Win Win Tie(5th)/4th 4th Runner-Up
Rachel 12th 7th 7th 2nd 8th 6th 6th 6th 5th Tie(5th)/3rd Eliminated
Skye 11th 6th 9th 6th 6th 9th 7th 2nd 6th 2nd/Eliminated
Ella 2nd 8th 3rd 5th 2nd 8th 5th 7th Eliminated
Caridee 14th 3rd 5th 11th 7th 7th 8th Eliminated
Krystal 8th 13th 8th 7th 10th-(CG) 2nd Eliminated
Deena 13th 11th 10th 9th 5th Eliminated
Cascada Win 2nd 12th 8th Eliminated
Bella 9th 4th 6th Eliminated
Paprika 3rd 10th Eliminated
Brando 5th Removed
Vescala Eliminated

Host&Judge: Db1994 & Amelya (half of the rounds)

Cycle 1: Abiana and Yummy won the most competitions, winning 4 each. Abiana was named the winner while Yummy, Ursula, and Velvet became the the runners up.
Ursula won Covergirl of The Week 4 times, the most of the season

Name: Free Choice Tanked Culture Animals Time Brazil Modern Semi Finals Finals Finals
Abiana 2nd 5th 5th Win 5th 3rd 3rd Win 3rd Win Winner
Yummy 10th Win Win 6th 3rd Win-(CG) 2nd-(CG) 4th-(CG) Win 2nd Runner-Up
Ursula 3rd-(CG) 3rd-(CG) 3rd 2nd 4th-(CG) 2nd-(CG) Win 2nd 2nd Runner-Up
Velvet 7th Eliminated Returned 4th 4th 3rd Runner-Up
Yolanda 8th 7th 2nd 8th 2nd 5th 5th Eliminated
Amia 6th 4th 6th 5th 7th 6th Eliminated
Dimitra 9th 8th 9th-(CG) 3rd Win Eliminated
Danielle 4th 2nd 7th 7th 6th Eliminated
Rachel 5th 9th 4th 4th-(CG) Removed
Unicorn Win 6th 8th Eliminated
Steph 11th 10th Eliminated
Karim Eliminated

Hosts & Judges: db1994 & Amelya

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